What does cancellation mean?

cancellation meaning in General Dictionary

The work process or results of canceling whilst the cansellation of particular terms in a contract or associated with the agreement itself

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  • the message work of revoking or annulling or making void
  • the work of cancelling; phoning off some arrangement
  • The work, process, or results of canceling; because, the cansellation of specific words in a contract, or regarding the agreement itself.
  • The operation of striking out common aspects, both inu000du000a the dividend and divisor.

cancellation meaning in Urban Dictionary

When a guy gets rejected by a girl in front of his homeboys

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cancellation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition cancelation, 1530s, from Latin cancellationem (nominative cancellatio), noun of activity from previous participle stem of cancellare "to cancel" (see cancel). Of reservations for conveyances, resorts, etc., from 1953.

cancellation meaning in Insurance Dictionary

The cancellation of an insurance policy or bond, before its termination, by either the insured or even the insurer. Insurance coverage cancellation conditions require insurers to inform insureds ahead of time (usually 1 month) of canceling an insurance policy and stipulate the way in which in which any unearned advanced will likely be returned. See in addition Flat cancellation; Pro rata cancellation; Short-rate termination.

Sentence Examples with the word cancellation

Its principle was exactly house, that of the clearing houses used by the railways and the oat to n nk an d banks, the cancellation of indebtedness and discharge periodic s i mply of balances.

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