What does canary bird mean?

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a tiny singing bird associated with the Finch family Serinus Canarius a native associated with the Canary isles It was delivered to Europe within the 16th century making a family group pet It usually features a yellowish human anatomy with all the wings and end greenish in its crazy condition it is more often of gray or brown shade it really is occasionally known as canary finch

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  • any one of several tiny Old World finches
  • a little singing bird regarding the Finch household (Serinus Canarius), a native associated with the Canary isles. It was taken to Europe in the sixteenth century, and made a family group pet. It generally features a yellow human anatomy aided by the wings and tail greenish, but in its wild state it really is with greater regularity of grey or brown shade. Its sometimes called canary finch.

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The canary bird is domesticated but not acclimatized, and many of our most extensively cultivated plants are in the same category.

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