What does canary mean?

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Wine made in the Canary Islands sack

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  • To perform the canary dance to move nimbly to caper
  • Of or with respect to the Canary isles as canary wine canary wild birds
  • getting the color of a canary; of a light to modest yellow
  • some one acting as an informer or decoy the police
  • a female singer
  • a modest yellow with a greenish tinge
  • any one of several little Old World finches
  • Of or regarding the Canary Islands; as, canary wine; canary birds.
  • Of a pale yellow color; as, Canary rock.
  • Wine made in the Canary Islands; sack.
  • A canary bird.
  • a pale yellow shade, like this of a canary bird.
  • A quick and lively party.
  • to do the canary party; to go nimbly; to caper.

canary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

type of tiny songbird, 1650s (brief for Canary-bird, 1570s), from French canarie, from Spanish canario "canary-bird," virtually "regarding the Canary Islands," from Latin Insula Canaria "Canary Island," biggest of Fortunate Isles, literally "island of puppies" (canis, genitive canarius; see canine (n.)), so-called because huge dogs existed there. Title ended up being extended into whole area team (Canari

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The Canary Islands resemble a roughly-drawn semicircle, with its convex side facing southwards, and with the island of Hierro detached on the south-west.

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