What does camomile mean?

camomile meaning in General Dictionary

A genus of herbs Anthemis of this Composite family members the most popular camomile Anthemis nobilis is used as a well known solution Its flowers have a good and fragrant and a bitter aromatic style They are tonic febrifugal and in big amounts emetic plus the volatile oil is carminative

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  • Eurasian plant with apple-scented vegetation and white-rayed blossoms and feathery leaves made use of medicinally; in some category methods put in genus Anthemis
  • Alt. of Chamomile

camomile meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., from Old French camemile, from belated Latin camomilla, from Latin chamomilla, from Greek chamaimelon, virtually "earth apple," from chamai "on the floor" (in addition "dwarf;" see chameleon) + melon "apple" (see malic). So called for its fragrance. Old English had it as camemalon.

Sentence Examples with the word camomile

Long, together with the base of a bastion, was brought to light in digging for the foundation of some large warehouses in Camomile Street, at a depth of 10 ft.

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