What does cambric mean?

cambric meaning in General Dictionary

A fine thin and white textile manufactured from flax or linen

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  • a finely woven white-linen
  • an excellent, thin, and white textile manufactured from flax or linen.
  • A fabric made, in imitation of linen cambric, of good, hardspun cotton fiber, often with figures of varied colors; -- also called cotton fiber cambric, and cambric muslin.

cambric meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Kamerijk, Flemish as a type of Cambrai, city in north France in which the cloth was initially made, from Latin Camaracum. The modern as a type of the English term features elements from both variations associated with the title.

Sentence Examples with the word cambric

I want five hundred rubles, and taking out her cambric handkerchief she began wiping her husband's waistcoat.

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