What does camber mean?

camber meaning in General Dictionary

To curve up

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  • To reduce bend to an upward bend to construct as a deck with an upward bend
  • An upward convexity of a deck or other area as she has a high camber said of a vessel having a unique convexity of deck
  • curve upward in the centre
  • a slight convexity (at the time of the outer lining of a road)
  • a slope in change of a road or track; the surface is higher than the inside to lessen the aftereffects of centrifugal power
  • the positioning of this rims of an automobile closer collectively at the end than at the very top
  • An upward convexity of a deck or other surface; as, she has a higher camber (stated of a vessel having a silly convexity of deck).
  • An upward concavity in the under part of a beam, girder, or lintel; in addition, hook upward concavity in a right arch. See Hogback.
  • To reduce fold to an upward bend; to make, as a deck, with an upward bend.
  • To curve up.

camber meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, nautical term, from Old French cambre, chambre "bent," from Latin camurum (nominative camur) "crooked, arched;" related to camera.

camber meaning in Sports Dictionary

The arc within the skiing that helps to ensure that the skier's body weight is spread along the whole of skiing and not just the midst of it. (sport: Ski Jumping)

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  • The arc within the ski that helps to ensure that the skier's weight is spread over the entire of ski and not simply the middle of it. (sport: snowboarding)
  • The arc into the board. (recreation: Snowboarding)

Sentence Examples with the word camber

There is a coaling jetty and camber for the storage of both sea-borne and land-borne coal, with hydraulic appliances for handling it.

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