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The covering of a flower See Flower

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  • (botany) the whorl of sepals of a flower collectively forming the outer flowery envelope or layer for the perianth enclosing and giving support to the developing bud; usually green
  • The covering of a flower. See Flower.
  • A cuplike division of the pelvis of this renal, which surrounds several of this renal papillae.

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1680s, from Latin calyx, from Greek kalyx "seed pod, husk, outer covering" (of a fruit, flower bud, etc.), from root of kalyptein "to pay for, hide" (see cell). The proper plural is calyces. Some sources link the phrase rather with Greek kylix "drinking glass."

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Sentence Examples with the word calyx

Thus, in many Caryophyllaceae, as Polycarpon and Holosteum, while the calyx and corolla are pentamerous, there are only three or four stamens and three carpels; in Impatiens Noli-me-tangere the calyx is composed of three parts, while the other verticils have five; in labiate flowers there are five parts of the calyx and corolla, and only four stamens; and in Tropaeolum pentaphyllum there are five sepals, two petals, eight stamens and three carpels.

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