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In French Canadian slang, practically the same as 'fuck' but with no sexual meaning - your message is used as a vulgar interjection. Literal translation: martyrdom.Note: 'crisse', 'hestie', tabarnac and 'câlisse' have a very comparable meanings and so are equally vulgar. A locutor can pile all of them together regarding produce a rhetorical figure (see instances).

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Le Calvaire (1887), a chapter of which on the defeat of 1870 aroused much discussion, was followed by L' Abbe Jules (1888), the story of a mad priest; by Sebastien Roch (1890), a bitter picture of the Jesuit school in which his own early years were spent; Le Jardin des supplices (1899), a Chinese story; Les Memoires d'une femme de chambre (1901); and Les Vingt-et-un jours d'un neurasthenique (1902).

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