What does calumny mean?

calumny meaning in General Dictionary

False accusation of a crime or offense maliciously made or reported to your injury of another destructive misrepresentation slander detraction

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  • a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of somebody's words or activities
  • an abusive attack on someone's character or good name
  • fake accusation of a crime or offense, maliciously made or reported, towards injury of some other; malicious misrepresentation; slander; detraction.

calumny meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the deliberate and usually vicious false accusation of a crime or any other offense designed to damage your reputation.

calumny meaning in Law Dictionary

Defamation ; slander; untrue accusation of a crime or offense. See CALUMNIA.

calumny meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"fake & malicious misrepresentation of terms or actions of others, determined to injure their reputation" [Fowler], mid-15c., from center French calomnie (15c.), from Latin calumnia "trickery, subterfuge, misrepresentation, destructive fee," from calvi "to deceive, deceive," from PIE root *kel- (6) "to deceive, confuse" (cognates: Greek kelein "to bewitch, seduce, beguile," Gothic holon "to deceive," Old Norse hol "praise, flattery," Old English hol "slander," holian "to slander").

Sentence Examples with the word calumny

But all the more eagerly did he take advantage of Wallis's loose calumny to strike where he felt himself safe.

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