What does calorimeter mean?

calorimeter meaning in General Dictionary

An apparatus for measuring the amount of heat contained in bodies or developed by some mechanical or chemical process as friction chemical combination combustion etc For combustion processes a bomb calorimeter may be used

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  • a measuring instrument that determines degrees of temperature
  • An apparatus for measuring the total amount of temperature contained in systems or produced by some technical or chemical process, as friction, chemical combination, combustion, etc.
  • An apparatus for measuring the percentage of unevaporated liquid within vapor.

calorimeter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1794, from fat + -meter. A hybrid word.

calorimeter meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

a tool used to gauge the temperature transfer between system and environment.

Sentence Examples with the word calorimeter

Among minor difficulties of the method may be mentioned the uncertainty of the thermal capacity of the calorimeter and stirrer, and of the immersed portion of the thermometer.

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