What does caloric mean?

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Of or related to caloric

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  • The principle of heat and/or representative that the phenomena of heat and burning were formerly ascribed perhaps not now used in medical nomenclature but often made use of as an over-all term for temperature
  • relating to or related to temperature
  • of or concerning calories in meals
  • The concept of temperature, or the broker to which the phenomena of heat and combustion were formerly ascribed; -- not now utilized in systematic nomenclature, but occasionally used as a broad term for heat.
  • Of or regarding caloric.

caloric meaning in Etymology Dictionary

hypothetical fluid in a now-discarded type of heat exchange, 1792, from French calorique, coined in this sense by Lavoisier, from Latin calorem "heat" (nominative calor; see fat). The adjective is taped from 1865.