What does calomel mean?

calomel meaning in General Dictionary

minor chloride of mercury Hg2Cl2 a heavy white or yellowish-white substance insoluble and tasteless much found in medicine as a mercurial and purgative mercurous chloride It does occur indigenous given that mineral horn quicksilver

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  • a tasteless colorless powder used medicinally as a cathartic
  • Mild chloride of mercury, Hg2Cl2, much, white or yellowish-white compound, insoluble and tasteless, much used in medication as a mercurial and purgative; mercurous chloride. It occurs native as the mineral horn quicksilver.

calomel meaning in Etymology Dictionary

old name for mercurous chloride, 1670s, from French calomel, supposedly (Littr

Sentence Examples with the word calomel

In 1778 he proposed a new method of making calomel and powder of algaroth, and he got molybdic acid from mineral molybdaena nitens which he carefully distinguished from ordinary molybdena (plumbago or black lead of commerce).

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