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This Spanish word originates from the verb "calmar", meaning "to calm".By making it "calma", it becomes a demand when you look at the familiar you form, becoming "you, calm".Adding "te" regarding end causes it to be reflexive, so the final meaning becomes "you, calm yourself".This globe can look in Spanish classrooms, away from Spanish classrooms whenever talked by Spanish students or local Spanish speakers, or by individuals who have picked it up from those mentioned before kinds, or from Urban Dictionary.Correctly pronounced, its spoken:"calm" (such as the English word), "ah" (as in 'nod'), "tey" (such as 'bay'). Calmate!Sometimes followed by Yo!Calmate Yo!Calm the Fuck out dude !.,Particularly useful after youhad already been away from the computer system for a few days many Chongo send you a number of email messages anticipating one to look at your e-mail. Get a life man!