What does calling mean?

calling meaning in General Dictionary

The act of 1 who calls a sobbing aloud esp in order to summon or even attact the interest of someone

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  • the career that you can tend to be trained
  • of Call
  • The work of one whom calls; a sobbing aloud, esp. so that you can summon, or even to attact the interest of, some body.
  • A summoning or convocation, since Parliament.
  • A divine summons or invite; in addition, hawaii of being divinely labeled as.
  • A naming, or welcoming; a reading over or reciting in purchase, or a telephone call of names with a view to acquiring a response, such as legislative systems.
  • an individual's usual profession, or work; vocation; business; trade.
  • The people, collectively, involved with any specific professions or work.
  • Title; appellation; title.

calling meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"vocation," mid-13c., spoken noun from call (v.). The feeling traces to we Cor. vii:20.

Sentence Examples with the word calling

Previous to the creation of the republic, the coastwise service was performed by two national companies (now united), and partially by foreign lines calling at two or more ports.

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