What does call out mean?

call out meaning in Law Dictionary

n instance to be summoned, esp. in order to deal with an urgent situation or even do fixes.

call out meaning in Business Dictionary

Brief note or training included with a drawing or text, to-draw focus on a particular area of the document.

call out meaning in General Dictionary

call-out loudly, at the time of brands or figures

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  • utter aloud; frequently with shock, scary, or pleasure
  • challenge to a duel

Sentence Examples with the word call out

Nor is it in the sphere of taxation alone that Williams organization of the realm stands on the old English customs. In the military sphere, though his normal army is the feudal force composed of the tenants-in-chief and the knights whom they have enfeoffed, he retains the power to call out the fyrd, the old national levee en masse, without regard to whether its members are freemen or villeins of some lord.

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