What does call centre conga mean?

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what the results are if you have an issue with a product or service you bought that will require multiple individual departments in an organization (in many cases, whole separate organizations and subcontractors) to work collectively to solve, although organization construction is in a way that no department ever before really speaks straight to some other department about something (and on occasion even has actually any way of this), with no department is previously allowed to do something for another.You'll be bounced endlessly backwards and forwards between a string of basically cheerful, helpful individuals, with long hold times between everyone, getting a different person when you're sent back to a department you currently spoke to, and each single time you have to explain the entire problem yet again from scrape, plus whatever every past division has actually told you as much as the period. Never in fact solves any issue; this hellish sequence invariably comes to an end an individual hangs on you by accident if they actually supposed to transfer you just as before, whereupon you have to begin over from square one.