What does call mean?

call meaning in General Dictionary

The work of phoning often utilizing the sound but often usually as by signs the sound of some instrument or by composing a summons an entreaty an invitation as a call for help the bugles call

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  • To talk in loud vocals to cry off to deal with by name sometimes with to
  • To command or request in the future or perhaps present to summon concerning call a servant
  • stop or postpone due to desperate situations, including inclement weather
  • greet, much like a recommended form, subject, or title
  • pay a brief see
  • make an end in a harbour
  • call a gathering; invite or command to satisfy
  • demand repayment of (a loan)
  • make a need, in terms of a card or a suit or a show of fingers
  • give the calls (into the dancers) for a square party
  • read out to check on for omissions or absentees
  • indicate a decision in regards to
  • send a message or attempt to reach somebody by radio, phone, etc.; make a signal to to be able to transmit a message
  • assign a specified (usually proper) proper title to
  • utter a characteristic note or weep
  • ascribe an excellent to or offer a name of a typical noun that reflects a good
  • make a prediction about; tell in advance
  • total a rapid noisy cry
  • need the presentation of for redemption before maturation
  • challenge (a person) to create great on a statement; charge with or censure for an offense
  • declare within the ability of an umpire or referee
  • order, demand, or command in the future
  • get or make an effort to enter communication (with someone) by telephone
  • lure by imitating the characteristic telephone call of an animal
  • purchase or request or provide a command for
  • order, summon, or ask for a specific task or activity, work, part
  • challenge the sincerity or truthfulness of
  • utter in a loud vocals or announce
  • consider or regard to be
  • rouse somebody from sleep with a call
  • a demand by a brokerage that a customer deposit enough to bring their margin up to the minimum requirement
  • a demand especially in the term
  • a demand for a show of arms in a card game
  • a loud utterance; frequently in protest or resistance
  • a request
  • the characteristic sound generated by a bird
  • an instruction that interrupts this program being performed
  • a telephone link
  • a particular personality (as if from a divine supply) to pursue a particular program
  • a trip in an official or professional capability
  • a brief personal visit
  • (recreations) the decision produced by an umpire or referee
  • the option purchasing a given stock (or stock index or product future) at confirmed price before certain date
  • To demand or request in the future or perhaps current; to summon; since, to phone a servant.
  • To summon toward release of a certain duty; to designate for a workplace, or employment, especially of a religious character; -- often made use of of a divine summons; since, becoming called into the ministry; occasionally, to invite; since, to phone a minister becoming the pastor of a church.
  • To ask or demand to meet; to convoke; -- frequently with collectively; because, the President called Congress together; to appoint and summon; as, to phone a gathering of Board of Aldermen.
  • to offer title to; to call; to deal with, or talk about, by au000du000a specifed title.
  • To view or define since a specific kind; tou000du000a denominate; to designate.
  • To state, or estimation, roughly or loosely; to characterize without strict reference to fact; as, they call the exact distance ten kilometers; he called it the full day's work.
  • to exhibit or reveal the class, character, or nationality of.
  • To utter in a loud or distinct voice; -- usually with off; since, to phone, or call-off, those items of a merchant account; to phone the roll of an army business.
  • To invoke; to attract.
  • To rouse from sleep; to awaken.
  • To talk in loud vocals; to cry away; to deal with by name; -- occasionally with to.
  • In order to make a need, requirement, or demand.
  • to create a quick check out; in addition, to stop at some spot designated, as for sales.
  • The act of phoning; -- frequently utilizing the sound, but often otherwise, as by signs, the noise of some tool, or by writing; a summons; an entreaty; an invitation; because, a demand help; the bugle's telephone call.
  • A signal, as on a drum, bugle, trumpet, or pipeline, to summon soldiers or sailors to responsibility.
  • an invite to take control of or serve a chapel as the pastor.
  • A requirement or charm due to the conditions of case; an ethical necessity or attraction.
  • A divine vocation or summons.
  • Vocation; work.
  • a brief check out; since, which will make a call on a neighbor; in addition, the day-to-day coming of a tradesman to solicit sales.
  • A note blown on horn to encourage the hounds.
  • A whistle or pipeline, used by the boatswain along with his mate, to summon the sailors to task.
  • The cry of a bird; additionally a noise or cry in imitation of a bird; or a pipeline to phone wild birds by imitating their particular note or cry.
  • A reference to, or declaration of, an object, program, distance, or other matter of description in a study or grant requiring or calling for a corresponding item, etc., regarding the land.
  • The privilege to need the distribution of stock, whole grain, or any product, at a fixed, price, at or within a specific time decided on.
  • See Assessment, 4.

call meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the demand by a corporation that a stockholder pay an installment or assessment on shares already possessed.

call meaning in Finance Dictionary

A demand by a company to shareholders to pay another instalment on partially compensated shares.A demand by a bank when it comes to complete payment of financing as soon as the debtor features failed to satisfy his or her responsibilities in terms of the mortgage arrangement.

call meaning in Law Dictionary

Shout out or chant (the steps and numbers) to individuals carrying out a square dance or country-dance, cry out to (some body) in order to summon all of them or entice their particular interest or summon (one thing, esp. a crisis service or a taxicab) by telephone.

call meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English ceallian "to phone, shout," less frequent than clipian; replaced by associated Old Norse kalla "to cry loudly," from Proto-Germanic *kall- (cognates: Dutch kallen "to chat," Old High German kallon "to call"), from PIE root *gal- (2) "to phone, scream, shriek, shout" (cognates: Sanskrit garhati "bewail, criticize;" Latin gallus "dick;" Old tall German klaga, German Klage "issue, grievance, lament, accusation;" Old English clacu "affront;" Old Church Slavonic glasu "voice," glagolu "word;" Welsh galw "call"). Related: known as; calling. Indicating "to offer a title to" is mid-13c. Coin-toss sense is from 1801. Indicating "to go to" (center English) had been actually "to face during the home and call." Telephone/telegraph good sense is from 1889. To call-out someone to fight (1823) corresponds to French provoquer. To call-it just about every day is from 1834.

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  • very early 14c., from contact (v.). Sense of "a quick formal check out" is from 1862.

call meaning in Business Dictionary

1.u000du000aGeneral: Claim or interest in repayment of cash.u000du000au000du000au000du000a2.u000du000aBanking: Demand by a lender to a debtor to repay the whole loan stability (major plus interest plus other fees, if any) where a default has happened or perhaps is considered imminent.u000du000au000du000au000du000a3.u000du000aCompany affairs: Demand from a company to its stockholders to pay for all or part of cash staying outstanding on stock (stocks) bought by them.u000du000au000du000au000du000a4.u000du000aChoices marketplace: Buyer's straight to buy a specified range particular asset or protection at a specified price by a hard and fast date. Short kind of the term call option.u000du000au000du000au000du000a5.u000du000aSecurities market: Redemption of bonds (or chosen stock or inclination shares) by its issuer on payment of a telephone call advanced, as given to within the relationship indenture. See in addition callable bond.

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require papers

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  • phone

Sentence Examples with the word call

I think this was a small thing they call fate, he assured them.

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