What does calisthenics mean?

calisthenics meaning in General Dictionary

The science art or rehearse of healthy exercise of this body and limbs to market strength gracefulness and basic physical fitness light gymnastics

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  • the rehearse of calisthenic exercises
  • light exercises built to market basic fitness
  • The technology, art, or practice of beneficial workout of the human body and limbs, to promote power and gracefulness; light gymnastics.

calisthenics meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1847 (calisthenic (adj.) is from 1839), formed on style of French callisthenie, from Latinized brush. type of Greek kallos "beauty" (see Callisto) + sthenos "energy" + -ics. Initially, gymnastic workouts ideal for girls and meant to develop the figure and promote graceful activity. The proper Greek, if there was clearly such a word in Greek, would have been *kallistheneia.