What does caliph mean?

caliph meaning in General Dictionary

Successor or vicar the municipal and religious leader of a Muslim condition a title of the successors of Mohammed both as temporal and spiritual rulers utilized formerly by the sultans of chicken

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  • the civil and spiritual frontrunner of a Muslim condition considered to be a representative of Allah on the planet
  • Successor or vicar; -- a title of this successors of Mohammed both as temporal and religious rulers, today used by the sultans of chicken.

caliph meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French caliphe (12c., also algalife), from Medieval Latin califa, from Arabic khalifa "successor," initially Abu-Bakr, just who succeeded Muhammad in role of leader of this faithful after the prophet's demise.

Sentence Examples with the word caliph

A great religious difference divided the Fatimite caliph of Cairo, the head of the Shiite sect, from the Abbasid caliph of Bagdad, who was the head of the Sunnites.

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