What does calico mean?

calico meaning in General Dictionary

made from or having the appearance of calico usually applied to an animal as a horse or pet on whose body are huge spots of a color strikingly distinct from its primary shade

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  • Plain white cloth made from cotton but which receives unique names in accordance with high quality and employ as very calicoes shirting calicoes unbleached calicoes etc
  • made from calico or resembling calico in-being patterned
  • having sections or patches colored in a different way and often brightly
  • coarse fabric with a bright printing
  • ordinary white cloth made from cotton fiber, but which gets distinctive names relating to quality and make use of, since, super calicoes, shirting calicoes, unbleached calicoes, etc.
  • Cotton cloth printed with a figured design.
  • made from, or obtaining the appearance of, calico; -- frequently put on a pet, as a horse or cat, on whose human body are huge spots of a color strikingly distinctive from its primary color.

calico meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, kalyko, corruption of Calicut (contemporary Kozhikode), seaport on Malabar coast of India, where Europeans initially obtained it. In 16c. it had been 2nd simply to Goa among Indian commercial harbors for European trade. Extended to pet colorings suggestive of printed calicos in 1807, initially of horses.

Sentence Examples with the word calico

The cotton manufacture is the principal industry; there are also calico printing, dyeing and bleaching works, machinery and iron works, woollen manufactures, and coal mines and quarries in the vicinity.

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