What does calibration mean?

calibration meaning in General Dictionary

The process of estimating the caliber a tube by a thermometer pipe so that you can graduate it to a scale of degrees in addition more usually the dedication for the real worth of the rooms in every finished instrument

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  • the act of checking or adjusting (in contrast with a regular) the precision of a measuring instrument
  • the entire process of calculating the quality a tube, as of a thermometer tube, in order to graduate it to a scale of levels; in addition, much more generally speaking, the dedication for the real worth of the rooms in any finished tool.

calibration meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1854, noun of action from calibrate.

calibration meaning in Business Dictionary

1. High quality: (1) Determination whether or not the qualities of a set up, element, or product are within requirements. (2) coordinating or reconciliation of a measuring unit of unverified accuracy with another product that's understood (verified) to-be of standard or exceptional accuracy. Any difference discovered between their particular accuracies can be used to modify the first (unverified) device. 2. Programs: contrast of a mathematical or theoretical model’s predictions with all the real data, together with modification of its fundamental assumptions or equations to produce an improved fit with the truth.

Sentence Examples with the word calibration

These definitions provide a basis on which the calibration of amperemeters can be conducted.

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