What does calculator mean?

calculator meaning in General Dictionary

One who computes or reckons one that estimates or considers the power and aftereffect of causes with a view to make a proper estimate for the impacts

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  • an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines)
  • a little device that is used for mathematical computations; can be mechanical or electronic
  • a person who computes or reckons: person who estimates or views the force and aftereffect of causes, with a view to form the correct estimation of impacts.

calculator meaning in Law Dictionary

Something utilized for making mathematical calculations, particularly a tiny computer with a keyboard and a visual display.

calculator meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "mathematician, a person who calculates," from Latin calculator, from calculatus, previous participle of calculare "to reckon, compute," from calculus (see calculus). Of mechanical adding device contraptions, from 1784. Of electric people, from 1946. Electronic calculator makes use of 18,000 pipes to fix complex dilemmas ["Scientific United states" headline, June 1946]

calculator meaning in Sports Dictionary

A circular slide-rule that is used to sort out the level necessary to glide a specific distance, or the distance of glide required from a particular height. (recreation: Gliding)

calculator meaning in Business Dictionary

Digital calculation device. There are many kinds of calculators like graphing calculators, scientific calculators, and printing calculators. Financial sites also have developed online calculators that can determine funding interest rates and payments. The innovation of calculators has actually decreased the full time that is required to calculate complex figures and decreased commons errors that can happen when figures are calculated manually.

Sentence Examples with the word calculator

For the purposes of the calculator a solution erring in excess was also required, and this Snell gave by slightly varying the former construction.

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