What does calcite mean?

calcite meaning in General Dictionary

Calcium carbonate or carbonate of lime it really is rhombohedral with its crystallization and therefore distinguished from aragonite it offers common limestone chalk and marble known as in addition calc spar and calcareous spar

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  • a standard mineral consisting of crystallized calcium carbonate; an important constituent of limestone
  • Calcium carbonate, or carbonate of lime. Its rhombohedral in its crystallization, and so distinguished from aragonite. It provides typical limestone, chalk, and marble. Known as in addition calc-spar and calcareous spar.

calcite meaning in Etymology Dictionary

crystalling calcium carbonate, 1849, from German Calcit, coined by Austrian mineralogist Wilhelm Karl von Hardinger (1795-1871) from Latin calx (genitive calcis) "lime" (see chalk (letter.)) + mineral suffix -ite (2) (German -it).

Sentence Examples with the word calcite

Besides the ordinary shell money, there is a sort of stone coinage, consisting of huge calcite or limestone discs or wheels from 6 in.

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