What does calcine mean?

calcine meaning in General Dictionary

become became a powder or friable material or into a calx by the action of temperature

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  • temperature a compound such that it oxidizes or decreases
  • To reduce to a powder, or even to a friable condition, by the activity of temperature; to expel volatile matter from through temperature, as carbonic acid from limestone, and thus (usually) to make disintegration; concerning, calcine bones.
  • To oxidize, as a metal by the activity of heat; to lessen to a metallic calx.
  • becoming changed into a powder or friable material, or into a calx, by the activity of temperature.

calcine meaning in Urban Dictionary

A person with a tremendously high IQ however with no wise practice whom wants to crash their car into various other parked cars due to the confusion involving the braking system and fuel pedal.

Sentence Examples with the word calcine

The mode of preparation is to calcine the gypsum at temperatures which depend on the class of cement to be produced.

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