What does calash mean?

calash meaning in General Dictionary

A light carriage with reasonable rims having a high or bonnet that may be raised or decreased chairs for inside another chair the motorist and often a movable front side such that it can be used as either an open or a closed carriage

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  • a female's large creased hooped hood; worn within the eighteenth century
  • the folding hood of a horse-drawn carriage
  • A light carriage with reasonable wheels, having a premier or hood that can be raised or decreased, chairs for inside, an independent seat for the motorist, and often a movable front, such that it can be used as often an available or a close carriage.
  • In Canada, a two-wheeled, one-seated car, with a calash top, together with motorist's chair elevated in front.
  • A hood or top of a carriage that can be tossed straight back at pleasure.
  • A hood, formerly worn by females, which may be attracted ahead or tossed right back like the top of a carriage.