What does calamity mean?

calamity meaning in General Dictionary

Any great misfortune or reason for misery generally applied to events or catastrophes which create considerable evil either to communities or individuals

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  • an event leading to great loss and misfortune
  • Any great misfortune or reason for distress; -- generally placed on events or catastrophes which create extensive evil, both to communities or individuals.
  • a situation or time of stress or misfortune; distress.

calamity meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Middle French calamite (14c.), from Latin calamitatem (nominative calamitas) "damage, loss, failure; catastrophe, misfortune, adversity," beginning obscure. Early etymologists linked it with calamus "straw" (see shawm); but it is perhaps from a lost root maintained in incolumis "uninjured," from PIE *kle-mo-, from base *kel- (1) "to hit, cut" (see holt).

Sentence Examples with the word calamity

A certain increase of the income tax to a shilling seemed a much more serious calamity than the uncertain prospect of a possible invasion.

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