What does calabash mean?

calabash meaning in General Dictionary

the most popular gourd plant or good fresh fruit

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  • round gourd associated with calabash tree
  • tropical United states evergreen that creates big round gourds
  • old-world climbing plant with hard-shelled bottle-shaped gourds as fruits
  • container produced from the dried shell of a container gourd
  • a pipe for smoking cigarettes; has a curved stem and a large bowl made of a calabash gourd
  • The common gourd (plant or fresh fruit).
  • The fruit of the calabash tree.
  • a liquid dipper, bottle, bascket, or any other utensil, made through the dry shell of a calabash or gourd.

calabash meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "dried, hollowed gourd made use of as a drinking glass," from Spanish calabaza, possibly from Arabic qar'a yabisa "dry gourd," from Persian kharabuz, made use of of varied huge melons; or from a pre-Roman Iberian *calapaccia.

calabash meaning in Cooking Dictionary

a number of passion good fresh fruit native to Central America additionally the Caribbean. Shaped like an apple with a thin yellow-brown epidermis. In south cooking the expression applies to breaded or battered fried fish.

Sentence Examples with the word calabash

Soon after death food is offered to the departed - with an infant a calabash of its mother's milk - and that he may have no wants, his earthly possessions, after being broken, are laid near his restingplace.

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