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1863, United states English, from dessert (letter.) + walk (n.), most likely in reference to the cake provided as a prize when it comes to fanciest steps in a procession in a Southern black colored customized (explained by Thornton, 1912, since, "A walking competitors among negroes," where reward dessert visits "the couple who placed on many style"). Its figurative concept of "anything simple" (1863) is recorded ahead of the literal one (1879). As a verb, from 1909. This could also be the origin regarding the term to take the dessert (1847).

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perform the cakewalk dance

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  • a strutting party predicated on a march; had been done in minstrel shows; began as a competition among Black performers to win a cake
  • a straightforward success

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Gabriel's one percent was a cakewalk compared to this.

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