What does cajole mean?

cajole meaning in General Dictionary

To deceive with flattery or fair words to wheedle

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  • impact or urge by mild urging, caressing, or complementing
  • To deceive with flattery or fair terms; to wheedle.

cajole meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from French cajoler "to cajole, wheedle, coax," possibly a blend of Middle French cageoler "to chatter like a jay" (16c., from gajole, southern diminutive of geai "jay;" see jay (n.)), and Old French gaioler "to cage, entice into a cage" (see prison (letter.)). Relevant: Cajoled; cajoling.

Sentence Examples with the word cajole

He loved to win men, especially those of the middle class, by affability and familiarity, employing all his arts to cajole and seduce those whom he needed.

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