What does caitiff mean?

caitiff meaning in General Dictionary

A captive a prisoner

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  • Captive wretched unfortunate
  • despicably mean and cowardly
  • a cowardly and despicable person
  • Captive; wretched; regrettable.
  • Base; sinful and mean; cowardly; despicable.
  • A captive; a prisoner.
  • A wretched or unfortunate guy.
  • A mean, despicable individual; one whoever character meanness and wickedness meet.

caitiff meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "wicked, base, cowardly," from Old North French caitive "captive, unhappy" (Old French chaitif, 12c., contemporary French ch

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  • c.1300, "wicked guy, scoundrel," from Anglo-French caitif, noun usage from Old North French caitive "captive, unhappy" (see caitiff (adj.)). From mid-14c as "prisoner."