What does caisson disease mean?

caisson disease meaning in General Dictionary

an ailment regularly induced by continuing to be for a while in an atmosphere of high-pressure as in caissons diving bells etc it's described as neuralgic problems and paralytic symptoms It is brought on by the release of bubbles of gasoline usually nitrogen from bodily fluids in to the blood and cells when one having held it's place in an environment with a high air force moves to a lower life expectancy force environment too quickly the excess dissolved fumes become circulated through typical breathing It may be deadly but can be reversed or reduced by coming back the affected individual to a top atmosphere pressure after which slowly lowering the pressure to permit the gases becoming released from body liquids its a risk famous to scuba divers it's also known as the bends and decompression sickness it could be prevented in scuba divers by a slow go back to normal stress or using a breathing blend of oxygen coupled with a gas having reasonable solubility in water such helium

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