What does caisson mean?

caisson meaning in General Dictionary

a chest to carry ammo

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  • an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome
  • a chest to put on ammo
  • a two-wheeled armed forces automobile holding artillery ammo
  • large watertight chamber employed for building under liquid
  • A chest to put on ammo.
  • A four-wheeled carriage for conveying ammunition, composed of two parts, a body and a limber. In light area electric batteries there is certainly one caisson to every piece, having two ammunition bins on body, and another in the limber.
  • A chest filled with volatile products, is laid in means of an opponent and exploded on his approach.
  • A water-tight field, of wood or iron within which tasks are continued in building fundamentals or structures underneath the water-level.
  • A hollow floating package, usually of iron, which acts to close the entrances of docks and basins.
  • A structure, usually with an air chamber, placed beneath a vessel to raise or float it.
  • A sunk panel of ceilings or soffits.

caisson meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1704, from French caisson "ammunition truck, box, crate," from Middle French caisson "large field" (16c.), from Italian cassone, augmentative as a type of cassa "a chest," from Latin capsa "a box" (see situation (n.2)).

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crate [for containers]

Sentence Examples with the word caisson

The southern coast in particular is deeply indented; and there two bold peninsulas, extending for several miles into the sea, form two capacious natural harbours, namely, Deep Water Bay, with the village of Stanley to the east, and Tytam Bay, which has a safe, well-protected entrance showing a depth of 10 to 16 fathoms. An in-shore island on the west coast, called Aberdeen, or Taplishan, affords protection to the Shekpywan or Aberdeen harbour, an inlet provided with a granite graving dock, the caisson gate of which is 60 ft.

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