What does cage mean?

cage meaning in General Dictionary

To confine in or as in a cage to shut up or confine

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  • confine in a cage
  • something that limits freedom as a cage limits motion
  • United States author of avant-garde songs (1912-1992)
  • the internet that is the objective in ice hockey
  • an enclosure made or cable or material bars for which birds or pets could be held
  • a movable screen placed behind residence base to get balls during batting training
  • A box or inclosure, completely or partly of openwork, in timber or metal, utilized for confining wild birds or any other animals.
  • a location of confinement for malefactors
  • An outer framework of wood, inclosing some thing within it; as, the cage of a staircase.
  • A skeleton framework to limit the movement of a loose piece, as a ball device.
  • A wirework strainer, utilized in experience of pumps and pipelines.
  • The box, bucket, or inclosed platform of a good start or elevator; a cagelike framework transferring a shaft.
  • The drum on which the rope is wound in a hoisting whim.
  • The catcher's cable mask.
  • To limit in, or as with, a cage; to shut-up or confine.

cage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 13c., from Old French cage "cage, jail; escape, hideout" (12c.), from Latin cavea "hollow spot, enclosure for creatures, coop, hive, stall, cell, spectators' chairs into the theater" (supply additionally of Italian gabbia "basket for fowls, coop;" see cave (letter.)).

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  • 1570s, from cage (n.). Related: Caged; caging.

cage meaning in Sports Dictionary

A cage is put across the group for safety reasons. The frame should-be metal and covered with netting to ensure a wild shot does not damage anyone. (recreation: Field Events - Hammer)

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  • Made of a metal frame with netting within the entire frame. (sport: Field Events - Discus)
  • Another term for objective, or perhaps the wire face protector sometimes worn by people and goalies. (recreation: Ice Hockey)

cage - French to English


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  • bunny hutch
  • upper body
  • rib cage
  • staircase
  • stairwell
  • cage

Sentence Examples with the word cage

If the outer races become worn, the complete cage and bearings are reversed; the strain of the line is then transferred to what had previously been the inner with practically unworn balls and races.

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