What does cafe mean?

cafe meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1802, from French caf

cafe meaning in Cooking Dictionary

[Spanish] coffee.

cafe meaning in General Dictionary

a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are offered

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  • A coffeehouse; a restaurant; in addition, a space in a hotel or restaurant where coffee-and liquors are served.

cafe - Spanish to English


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  • coffee
  • iced coffee
  • white coffee
  • filter coffee
  • espresso (coffee)
  • surface coffee
  • black coffee

cafe - German to English

breakfast [continental, with coffee]

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  • cafe
  • caff [Br.] [coll.]
  • café
  • coffee bar [Br.]
  • coffeehouse
  • cafe

cafe - French to English

coffee bar [Br.]

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  • instant coffee
  • black colored coffee
  • cafe
  • café
  • white coffee [when ordering in café] [Br.]
  • coffee powder
  • espresso coffee
  • coffee with milk
  • white coffee [Br.]
  • coffee

Sentence Examples with the word cafe

He hopped into the car, directing her to the small Cafe a few miles down the road.

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