What does caesium mean?

caesium meaning in General Dictionary

an uncommon alkaline metal found in mineral water so named from the two characteristic blue lines in its spectrum it had been the very first factor found by spectrum analysis and it is the essential strongly fundamental and electro positive material known logo Cs Atomic quantity 55 Atomic weight 1326

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  • a soft silver-white ductile metallic element (liquid at typical conditions); the most electropositive and alkaline material
  • an uncommon alkaline steel present mineral liquid; -- so called from the two characteristic blue lines with its spectrum. It absolutely was the first factor discovered by spectrum evaluation, and is the absolute most strongly basic and electro-positive material known. Expression Cs. Atomic weight 132.6.

caesium meaning in Urban Dictionary

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caesium meaning in Etymology Dictionary

see cesium.

caesium - German to English

caesium [Br.]

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  • cesium [Am.]

Sentence Examples with the word caesium

The atomic weight of caesium has been determined by the analysis of its chloride and bromide.

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