What does caesarian mean?

caesarian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1923, reducing of Caesarian part (1610s); supposedly from Caius Julius Caesar, who was said to being delivered operatively, thus legend traces his cognomen to Latin caesus previous participle of caedere "to reduce" (see -cide). However, if this is basically the etymology for the title, it absolutely was most likely an ancestor who was simply so created (Caesar's mom existed to see their triumphs and such functions would-have-been fatal on girl in ancient times). And Pliny derives his cognomen from caesaries "head of locks," as the future dictator was born with a full one. Caesarian area will come directly from caesus.

caesarian meaning in General Dictionary

concerning abdominal distribution

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  • of or regarding or in the way in which of Julius Caesar
  • the delivery of a fetus by surgical cut through the stomach wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born like that)
  • Of or regarding Caesar or even the Caesars; imperial.