What does cadre mean?

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The framework or skeleton upon which a regiment is usually to be formed the officials of a regiment forming the staff

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  • a little product providing as an element of or once the nucleus of a larger political motion
  • a nucleus of armed forces personnel with the capacity of expansion
  • The framework or skeleton upon which a regiment is to beu000du000a formed; the officers of a regiment creating the staff.

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an exercise workers

cadre meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1830, from French cadre, actually "a frame of an image" (16c.), so, "a detachment forming the skeleton of a regiment" (1851), from Italian quadro, from Latin quadrum "a square" (see quadrille). The communist good sense is from 1930.

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Sentence Examples with the word cadre

The town of Ouray, while only a century and a quarter old, was rich in history and Fred O'Connor, together with a cadre of widows with similar interests, spent many hours reading Ouray's old newspapers and written accounts.

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