What does caddis mean?

caddis meaning in General Dictionary

A kind of worsted lace or ribbon

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  • The larva of a caddice fly. These larvae usually are now living inu000du000a cylindrical cases, open at each and every end, and covered externally with piecesu000du000a of broken shells, gravel, items of wood, etc. They're a favorite baitu000du000a with anglers. Called additionally caddice worm, or caddis worm.
  • A kind of worsted lace or ribbon.

caddis meaning in Fishing Dictionary

a general title for a large number of subspecies of caddis flies present in trout streams all over the world. Also called a "sedge," they are described as a tent-like wing. Caddis have four stages of development, from egg to larva to pupa to person

caddis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"larva for the May-fly," 1650s, of not known beginning, possibly a diminutive of some feeling of cad.