What does caddie mean?

caddie meaning in General Dictionary

A cadet

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  • act as a caddie and carry clubs for a person
  • an attendant which carries the golf clubs for a person
  • A Scotch errand boy, porter, or messenger.

caddie meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, Scottish form of French cadet (see cadet). Originally "person which works errands;" concept of "golfer's assistant" is 1851. A letter from Edinburgh c.1730 describes the city's considerable and semi-organized "Cawdys, an extremely of good use Black-Guard, which attend ... publick Places going at Errands; and although they have been Wretches, that in Rags lye upon the Stairs plus in the Streets during the night, however are they frequently significantly reliable .... This Corps has a type of Captain ... presiding over them, who they call the Constable associated with Cawdys."

caddie meaning in Sports Dictionary

the one who carries a golfer's groups round the program. She or he could also, upon demand, assist with club choice, training course information eg yardages, and help read vegetables. (recreation: Golf)

caddie - German to English

(tennis) trolley

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  • caddie [golf]
  • caddy [golf]

caddie - French to English

(shopping) cart [Am.]

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  • (shopping) trolley [Br.]
  • caddie