What does cadastral mean?

cadastral meaning in General Dictionary

Of or with respect to landed residential property

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  • of or concerning the documents of a cadastre
  • Of or regarding landed property.

cadastral meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1858, from French cadastral, from cadastre "register associated with survey of lands" (16c.), from Old Italian catastico, from belated Greek katastikhos "register," literally "because of the range" (see cata-, stair). Gamillscheg dismisses derivation from Late Latin capitastrum "register associated with poll tax."

Sentence Examples with the word cadastral

Besides the realization of the formal programme of the Left, consisting of the repeal of the grist tax, the abolition of the forced currency, the extension of the suffrage and the development of the railway system Depretis laid the foundation for land tax re-assessment by introducing a new cadastral survey.

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