What does cactus mean?

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Any plant of purchase Cactacaelig as prickly pear additionally the night-blooming cereus See Cereus they often have leafless stems and branches often beset with clustered thorns and are mostly locals associated with the hotter areas of America

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  • any succulent plant regarding the family members Cactaceae native chiefly to arid parts of the brand new World and often having spines
  • Any plant associated with the order Cactacae, whilst the prickly pear and the night-blooming cereus. See Cereus. They generally have actually leafless stems and limbs, frequently beset with clustered thorns, and are usually mainly locals for the hotter parts of The united states.

cactus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from Latin cactus "cardoon," from Greek kaktos, name of a type of prickly plant of Sicily (the Spanish artichoke), possibly of pre-Hellenic origin. Modern-day meaning is 18c., because Linnaeus provided the name to a small grouping of plants he believed were associated with this but are perhaps not.

cactus meaning in Cooking Dictionary

The pads and fresh fruits regarding the Opuntia cactus tend to be prepared and consumed.

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But generally the low grounds are parched and rocky, presenting only a few thickets of Peruvian cactus and stunted shrubs, and a most uninviting shore.

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