What does cache mean?

cache meaning in General Dictionary

to keep in a cache1

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  • A hole inside ground or other hiding place for hiding and keeping conditions which it is inconvenient to hold
  • save up as for future use
  • a secret store of valuables or cash
  • a concealed space for storing (for the money or terms or tools)
  • (computer technology) RAM memory which set aside as a specialized buffer storage that is continually updated; always enhance information transfers between system elements with different characteristics
  • a gap in the floor, or concealing location, for concealing and protecting provisions which its inconvenient to hold.

cache meaning in Law Dictionary

assortment of components of the exact same type kept in a concealed or inaccessible destination or a concealed or inaccessible storage space location for valuables, terms, or ammunition.

cache meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1797, "hiding spot," from French Canadian trappers' slang, "hiding place for stores" (1660s), a back-formation from French cacher "to cover up, conceal" (13c., Old French cachier), from Vulgar Latin *coacticare "keep up, gather, compress," frequentative of Latin coactare "constrain," from coactus, past participle of cogere "to collect" (see cogent). Sense extended by 1830s to "anything kept in a hiding place."

cache meaning in Business Dictionary

percentage of a pc's arbitrary access memory (RAM) set aside for temporary storage space of data for processing or the information frequently required from the computer's hard drive. Since data stored in RAM could be accessed even faster compared to information kept on a tough disk, a cache increases processing. See additionally buffer.

cache - German to English

cache memory

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  • cache
  • cache [geocaching]

cache - French to English


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  • concealed

cache meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Cache, which is pronounced "cash" (maybe not "capture" or "cashay"), stores recently used information such that it could be rapidly accessed at a later time. Computers include several different kinds of caching to operate better, therefore enhancing performance. Typical types of caches include web browser cache, disk cache, memory cache, and processor cache.u000du000aMany caching is performed in inside history, so that you wont also notice it is occurring. Indeed, the only one of the above caches as possible control is the browser cache. You can start your browser preferences to view the cache settings and alter the size of your browser cache or vacant the cache if needed.u000du000a

Sentence Examples with the word cache

End of the Cache valley poured its waters into the Columbia river system.

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