What does cabweon mean?

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Cabweon is a phrase for huge fucking idiots. Cabweon is a Synonym for Cameron but it's maybe not a good Cameron, but more of a Cameron that everybody hates. Cabweons have actually a weird vehicle fetish. Cabweons cannot hold a discussion for more than 20 moments without saying 240 or sr20. Cabweons love nissan above life. Cabweons are recognized to develop become creepy uncles which actually hold no relation to their particular nephews and nieces but more only rest with lots of females and never mature. Cabweons have specially large asses that are so huge they can in fact in uncommon occasions possess their very own moons. Cabweons also drive like FUCKING IDIOTS and TAILGATE THE EVER LOVING SHIT AWAY FROM PEOPLE. Cabweons are incredibly simple to disturb because they're whiny small bitches. They love to trigger dilemmas for themselves as well. For example, they drive like idiots then complain about getting bad gas mileage. Cabweons are creepy butt mom fuckers. They are also huge flirts even when not attempting to be. Cabweons pals love their Cabweon to death... Literally. We intend on killing every body. Fucking assholes.