What does cabin mean?

cabin meaning in General Dictionary

To limit in or as with a cabin

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  • to call home in or like in a cabin to lodge
  • A cottage or tiny home a hut
  • a little residence built of timber; often in a wooded area
  • confine to a tiny room, particularly a cabin
  • tiny space on a ship or motorboat in which men and women sleep
  • the enclosed area of an aircraft or spacecraft in which passengers are held
  • A cottage or tiny residence; a hut.
  • A small room; an inclosed place.
  • a space in ship for officers or guests.
  • To live in, or like in, a cabin; to lodge.
  • To limit in, or as in, a cabin.

cabin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., from Old French cabane "hut, cabin," from Old Proven

Sentence Examples with the word cabin

He came up to the cabin the week before he was leaving for the seminary, four or five years later.

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