What does cabaret mean?

cabaret meaning in General Dictionary

A tavern a property where liquors are retailed

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  • a spot this is certainly available later through the night and that provides entertainment (as singers or performers) including dance and refreshments
  • a number of acts at per night club
  • A tavern; a property where liquors are retailed.
  • a form of restaurant in which liquor and supper is served, and entertainment is supplied, as by artists, performers, or comedians, and supplying space for dance because of the clients; -- like a club. The term cabaret is normally used in the names of these one establishment.
  • the type of enjoyment provided in a cabaret{2}.

cabaret meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "tavern, club, small inn," from French cabaret, originally "tavern" (13c.), which will be of unsure origin, maybe from Middle Dutch cambret, from Old French (Picard dialect) camberete, diminutive of cambre "chamber" (see chamber (n.)). The phrase had been "significantly naturalized" inside sense [OED]. It had been borrowed again from French with a meaning "a restaurant/night club" in 1912; expansion of indicating to "entertainment, flooring show" is by 1922.

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Cabaret [Bob Fosse]

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