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C is the third page associated with English alphabet It is from Latin page C that old Latin represented the sounds of k and g in go its original value being the second In Anglo-Saxon words or Old English prior to the Norman Conquest it always has got the sound of k The Latin C had been the same letter given that Greek Gamma gamma and originated from the Greek alphabet The Greeks first got it from the Phoelignicians The English name of C is through the Latin title ce and ended up being derived probably through the French Etymologically C is related to g h k q s as well as other sibilant sounds samples of these relations are in L acutus E acute ague E acrid eager vinegar L cornu E horn E pet kitten E coy quiet L circare OF cerchier E search

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  • becoming ten more than ninety
  • the speed of which light moves in vacuum pressure; the constancy and universality of this rate of light is acquiesced by defining it to be precisely 299,792,458 yards per second
  • a vitamin found in fruits and veggies (especially citric acid fruits) and veggies; prevents scurvy
  • the four nucleotides found in building DNA; all four nucleotides have a typical phosphate group and a sugar (ribose)
  • a base present in DNA and RNA and based on pyrimidine; pairs with guanine
  • an abundant nonmetallic tetravalent factor occurring in three allotropic kinds: amorphous carbon and graphite and diamond; takes place in most natural substances
  • ten 10s
  • a diploma regarding the centigrade scale of heat
  • a unit of electrical cost equal to the total amount of charge moved by a current of 1 ampere in 1 second
  • a general-purpose programing language closely from the UNIX operating system
  • another letter associated with the Roman alphabet
  • (songs) the keynote of this scale of C significant
  • road names for cocaine
  • The keynote associated with regular or "natural" scale, that has neither flats nor sharps with its trademark; also, the 3rd note of this general minor scale of the identical.
  • C following the clef may be the level of typical time, for which each measure is a semibreve (four fourths or crotchets); for alla breve time its written /.
  • The "C clef," a modification associated with the letter C, positioned on any range associated with the staff, demonstrates range to be middle C.
  • As a numeral, C means Latin centum or 100, CC for 200, etc.

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the original letter for the term "Codex," utilized by some authors in mentioning the Code of Justiniau. Tayl. Civil Law, 24. It had been also the page iuscribed on the ballots where, one of the Romans, jurors voted to condemn an accused celebration. It was the original page of condcmno, I condemn. Tayl. Civil-law, 192. C, as the 3rd letter of this alphabet, can be used as a numeral, in like way thereupon use of A and B, (q. v.) The page is also familiar with designate the next of some propositions, sections, etc., as A, B, together with other people are utilized as numerals. Its made use of as an abbreviation of numerous terms which it's the initial page; eg situations, civil, circuit, rule, typical, court, unlawful, chancellor, top.

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3rd page associated with the alphabet. Alphabetic writing found Rome through the south Etruscan "Caeretan" script, in which gamma had been written as a crescent. Early Romans made little use of Greek kappa and used gamma for the "g" and "k" noises, the latter with greater regularity, so your "k" sound came to be regarded as the appropriate one for gamma. To revive a dedicated sign for the "g" sound, a modified gamma was introduced c.250 B.C.E. as G. In classical Latin -c- has only the worth "k," and so it passed to Celtic and, via Irish monks, to Anglo-Saxon, in which -k- ended up being understood but little-used. In Old French, numerous "k" sounds drifted to "ts" and by 13c., "s," but nevertheless had been written with a -c-. Hence the 1066 invasion delivered to the English language an even more vigorous using -k- and a flood of French and Latin terms in which -c- represented "s" (as in stop, ceiling, circle). By 15c. indigenous English words with -s- had been being respelled with -c- for "s" (as in ice, mice, lice). In certain words from Italian, meanwhile, the -c- features a "ch" noise (an audio evolution in Italian that parallels the Old French one).

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the first used to represent that a canoe in competitors is Canadian. A figure shown next to this letter indicates the amount of crew agreeable. (recreation: Canoeing)

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C [note]

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All the mixtures whose composition lies between that of A and C deposit crystals of pure.

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