What does byword mean?

byword meaning in General Dictionary

a typical saying a proverb a stating that features an over-all money

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  • a condensed but unforgettable saying embodying some important reality of expertise that is taken as true by many men and women
  • a typical stating; a proverb; a saying who has an over-all money.
  • the item of a contemptuous saying.

byword meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition by-word, Old English biword "proverb," formed in the style of Latin proverbium or Greek parabole. Indicating "a thing that became proverbial" is from 1530s.

byword meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A typical saying; a proverb; a saying which includes a broad currency.

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  • (letter.) The item of a contemptuous stating.

Sentence Examples with the word byword

His wife, Faustina, has almost become a byword for her lack of womanly virtue; but she seems to have kept her hold on his affections to the last.

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