What does byline mean?

byline meaning in Law Dictionary

The byline on a newspaper or magazine article provides the name, and often the position, associated with the composer of the article.

byline meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1926, "line providing title regarding the author of a write-up in a newspaper or mag;" it typically checks out with ________. From by (prep.) + range (letter.). As a verb by 1958.

byline meaning in Sports Dictionary

The line at each and every end regarding the pitch (the shortest sides), including goal range. (recreation: Soccer)

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  • The range that runs along the width associated with pitch and indicators the termination of the playing area. Once the ball crosses this range, play is stopped. (sport: Shinty)

byline meaning in Business Dictionary

distinct text, placed typically at the top or at the end of the body text, that identifies mcdougal of a write-up.