What does bylaw mean?

bylaw meaning in Law Dictionary

(often in addition spelled by-law or byelaw) can reference a law of neighborhood or minimal application, passed away beneath the expert of a higher law indicating exactly what things might be regulated because of the bylaw, or it can reference the internal rules of a company or business.

bylaw meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., bilage "local regulation," from Old Norse or Old Danish bi-lagu "city legislation," from byr "place where people dwell, town, village," from bua "to live" (see bower) + lagu "law" (see law). So, a local law with respect to neighborhood residents, or rule of a corporation or association. Good sense affected by by.

bylaw meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Corporate: See articles of relationship. 2. Governmental: Law, purchase, regulation, guideline, etc., created by a ministry, neighborhood expert (a municipality, like), or community corporation, relative to the capabilities conferred by or delegated under a statue (called the 'parent work'). Also known as byelaws or delegated legislation.

bylaw meaning in General Dictionary

a rule used by an organization to be able to manage a unique matters therefore the behavior of its members