What does bygone mean?

bygone meaning in General Dictionary

last gone by

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  • Something gone-by or past a past event
  • really before; previous
  • past activities become put away
  • Past; gone by.
  • some thing gone by or last; a past occasion.

bygone meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., from by (adv.) + gone. Compare similar building of aforesaid. As a noun from 1560s (see bygones).

bygone meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) last; gone by.

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  • (n.) One thing gone by or past; a past event.

Sentence Examples with the word bygone

On the continent of Europe, France was the first to recognize the merits of its bygone designers and craftsmen, and even antecedent to the Exhibition of 1851, when art in Great Britain was dormant, it was possible to obtain in Paris faithful reproductions of the finest ormolu work of the 18th century.

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